“I attribute my success in my field to who I am, not what I do.”


Nothing gives Dr. Hishaw more pleasure than to know she has motivated and empowered someone to believe in themselves and make a change for the better. Public speaking has given her the platform to share her story and her tools of success from real life experiences as a mother, business owner, pediatric dentist and mentor. As the old adage goes, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

She attributes her success in her field to who she is, not what she does. It is her quest to make sure everyone recognizes and owns that for themselves. She has the natural ability to connect with her audiences, the young child, new mother, busy professional or high-achieving woman, in a way that is both uplifting and relatable.




Dr. Hishaw also believes representation matters and that children will want to emulate that which they see in their lives. She prides herself in serving as a role model to children and teens to nurture and bring up the next generation of leaders in our field. It is her goal to empower youth to explore dentistry early in life, setting them on the right educational path to be successful candidates for dental school and ultimately becoming valuable leaders in dentistry. Invite Dr. Hishaw to come and speak at your next event, and she will help children see the benefits of working hard in school to get into a good college and ultimately a professional school to make a better life for themselves while impacting their community.


As a board-certified pediatric dentist, who has committed her time and energy to educating patients and families on oral health since 2000 and a mother of 3 children, Dr. Hishaw knows the science behind a healthy smile but I also understand the struggles of holding a toddler still enough to brush their teeth or forcing their child to go back and really brush their teeth and not just wet the toothbrush! Just as each kid is different, how one approaches dental care varies as well. Invite Dr. Hishaw to come and speak at your next event, and she will answer the questions that arise in deciding how to best care for your child’s teeth in a practical way.


Dr. Hishaw enjoys every opportunity to further the health care professional’s education on children’s oral health. She has presented nationally and internationally to her fellow colleagues in the areas of Early Childhood Caries and Prevention and Dental Emergencies. Most recently, she has been driven in her passion to dissolve the diversity gap in dentistry and medicine. Invite Dr. Hishaw to come and speak at your next event, and she will provide valuable information of how improving diversity, inclusion and cultural competency can improve healthcare for all.


Dr. Hishaw busted the glass ceiling when she moved to Tucson, Arizona and was the first female pediatric dentist to start her own practice. Since 2003 she has grown her business to include 3 locations and has been voted one of Tucson’s Top Pediatric Dentists several years in a row by her colleagues. As a contributing author of the Amazon Bestseller, Mommy Dentist in Business: Juggling Family and Life While Running a Business, Dr. Hishaw shared the lessons she learned to create balance by acknowledging the power of her village who provides the support she needs. Invite Dr. Hishaw to come and speak at your next event, and she will share the highs and lows that has shaped her success as an entrepreneur and mother. She will surely inspire the next generation of powerful young ladies who wish to lead full careers and manage families to see themselves in her and not give up on their dreams.

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