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Dr. Laila Hishaw is an authority in children’s oral health, a thought leader and champion for change in diversity in dentistry, and a compassionate pediatric dentist who loves the children she serves. Although she experiences great success in her dental practices for over 20 years, Dr. Hishaw finds true joy in serving as a role model and mentor to unlock the potential and create pathways to success for the next generation of leaders in the field of dentistry.


Dr. Laila Hishaw has combined her experience as a busy mother and expertise as a board-certified pediatric dentist to provide resources and support for young parents, while mentoring our future dentists.


Give your kids the very best start to a healthy life! This Amazon Best-Seller is a must-have resource guide that will equip you with the knowledge and tools to provide the best oral healthcare at every stage of your child’s development while instilling a lifelong commitment to taking care of their teeth!


After learning the shocking statistic that Black dentists represent less than 4% of all U.S. dentists, Dr. Hishaw was moved to make a change. She founded the Diversity in Dentistry Mentorships, Inc., a 501 (c)(3) organization, to strengthen the diversity pipeline from middle school to dental school.  Her mission is to mentor young people of color to go into dentistry to strike more of a balance in the profession.

THE MOMMY DENTIST a companion to her book, ‘Cavity Free Kids: How To Care For Your Kids’ Teeth From Birth Through Their Teenage Years’.  Please visit the site for valuable resources, photos, and videos to help you give your child the best start to a healthy, happy life—one tooth at a time!


“It was a pleasure to work with you.  Congratulations, as you have created a diversity legacy.”

Dr. Jeanne C. Sinkford

First Woman Dean of an American Dental School

“Dr. Hishaw’s lecture was so inspiring!  Her story will definitely change many lives. ”

Dr. LaJoi W.

Pediatric Dentist

“A recent seminar I attended where Dr. Hishaw spoke really shifted the perspective on my relationship dynamic with my career. Her openness and willingness to share her experience and personal challenges really helped me take a closer look at my own situation and have since improved it for the better!”

Dr. Adi S.

Pediatric Dentist

“What was most impressive was the focus on education and true preventative dental care. I feel more confident, as a parent, and pleased that I have chosen Dr. Hishaw as our new pediatric dental provider. In addition, they felt more informed on how to take care of their teeth. Thank you Dr. Hishaw and staff for showing the dental community on what awesome looks like! ”

Eric D

Parent, Tucson Smiles Pediatric Dentistry

“Dr. Laila Hishaw has very generously reached out to give dental health presentations to our 1st graders for many years. She always does such a wonderful job of conveying the importance of good dental hygiene with her fun presentations! I know the students leave not only with their dental health “goody” bag but with the important message to take good care of their teeth.”

Julia G.

1st Grade Teacher

“After searching endlessly for a youth program that would enable my 16 year old daughter to learn more and be inspired to pursue dentistry, we finally found Diversity in Dentistry and Brooke Lynn is set to work with a team of dentists soon! We are grateful Dr. Hishaw has created a program that will lead our daughter onto her path of greatness in the field of dentistry. I believe this program will encourage African American and all children to successfully pursue dentistry. Diversity in Dentistry Mentorships will be a game changer for our world!”

Wes and Karen F.

Group Members, Diversity in Dentistry